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This fanlisting is owned by Alex and Emma, two silly Kain fangirls who like this game a little bit too much. Together we own a lot of FFIV related sites, with more than one of those pertaining to Kain. Our two Kain shrines decided to get together for the purpose of backstabbing paladins, but ended up with this lovechild of a fanlisting. They eventually decided to share custody.

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Last updated: 24th May 2009
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This is version one of the Kain Highwind fanlisting since it made it's way over to spoonybard.org, and is the result of Emma's inability to make something pretty with Amano artwork, and her woe at there only being two usable official artwork images. Hopefully the colours aren't too harsh on the eyes. This layout should work in all modern browsers, and was tested in Firefox and IE7.